Think like a child

Publicerad 2016-09-18 16:10:39 i Allmänt,

when did we start to think like an adult? When did this grownup way of thinking take over and destroyd our naive and wonderful way of looking at the world? We need to be more like a child in the way we place thoughts in our head. A child sees no boundaries, nothing is impossible, for that is only a thing that people wants us to believe. If a child says, I can fly, is our imediate response, no you can not. But nothing is eather this or that. Everything in life has more than just two possible outcomes. What if we instead replyed, if course you can, with a little help from an air ballon, an Airplain or something else that would help you and offer you a pair of wings! Just because you cant do something alone does not mean it cant be Done! Be Brave, have curage and be kind, thats all we need to know. Lots of love and light to all of you!

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